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Display Exceptional Woodwork on Your Yard


Woodwork Depicting College Logos, Sports Teams, and More

Jigsaw Jim is a business that offers custom yard ornaments that clients can display inside or outside of their homes. We specialize in creating decorations that conform to your every mood, emotion, or personal character. From large sports logos to small custom projects, I get the job done.

About Me

My name is Jim Parker, and before I started this business, I worked in the chemical industry as an environmental technician for more than 15 years. When I moved to Montana, I continued my career as a project manager in the commercial sector.

I grew up in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, which is 35 miles east of Baton Rouge. In my youth, I enjoyed woodworking, learning what I could from my dad while piddling around the shop building and making various items.

Once I began to take life more seriously, I successfully made my first land purchase and put my first mobile home on the site.

After I moved in, I decided I needed a storage shed and built it from the ground up with a little help from my dad. Once that was complete, I needed another project to occupy my spare time and so I made my own driveway reflectors. Then, I planted them on either side of the driveway.

At the end of 1999, I moved to Houston and purchased a home in a neighborhood known for its holiday decorating and “Night of Lights.” Here, I discovered some decorations that were sold along with the house.

As Christmas drew nearer, I noticed the decorations in the house were very old and the plywood that held them together had started to separate. I decided to create new figures and have them completed before Christmas the following year.

Much to my surprise, our house received the highest of accolades: being shown on local news stations, having an article published in a high school newspaper, and receiving several neighborhood awards for the “Night of Lights—Best Mailbox” in 2003 and "Best All Around" in 2013, "People Choice Awards" in 2014 and 2015".

News of my woodworking skills began to spread, taking me into many different avenues of creativity. I began receiving requests from friends and co-workers for sports team logos that they could display in their offices or on their yards on game day.

We started to take orders for custom designs to meet our clients needs for what they would prefer to have in their yards for the holidays.

Ever since I started creating ornaments, my lovely wife, Judy, has been assisting me after her busy work schedule. Her painting skills have brought our products to a level I could never have achieved by myself. With her help, I have even more time to design the best yard ornaments that you or your neighbors have ever seen.

Yard Ornaments for All Occasions

Our decorations can be funny, comical, or even serious. Take time to look around this website and find the ornament that is just right for you and your family. Contact me for pricing and custom requests!


School Logos

Show off your school spirit with a custom wood figurine! Whether you want to display it on your mantle or yard, I can design and build an ornament you’ll be proud of.

As there are a large number of colleges out there, I am unable to list or show pictures of all of them. Instead, I have selected a few of them to display or order from below. All logos are priced at $95.00 (unless otherwise marked) with a shipping cost of $40.00 outside the 40-mile radius of our operation.

Holiday Logos

Add some Christmas cheer to your yard with our handcrafted ornaments. If you have a specific ornament you’d like to see in your yard, I accept special orders. To get the conversation started, contact me.

Professional Team Logos

We all have our favorite teams. Which one is yours?

Using the highest quality American-made materials, I created logos that can be displayed in your home, office, or above your headboard—with the wife’s permission. You can even get your favorite players to autograph them.

If the weather permits, you can also display them on your front yard on game day. They are all double layered to give you that 3D look. You will be pleased with the work that goes into these. Order your favorite team’s logo today!